This Monday Morning…

It’s a new day, it’s a new week and for some it is a new year. 

Work, school, staying in the house, what are you going to do today to ensure that you make the most out of your day? For some it may be relaxing and finding a way to rejuvenate now that the kids have gone back to school. For others it may be a standard Monday morning struggling by pulling your feet back to work and complaining about how the weekends are too short. Which one are you? To be fair, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing to realise is that you have the authority over how you feel and how you think, which will shape how your day finishes. What’s more, right now you have the opportunity to make your day go in any direction that you like.

TODAY MAKE YOURSELF PROUD. I dare you, by tonight at 9pm, make your day a pleasure to reflect back on. 

How you feel at the start of the week is not a punishment given to you, it’s a lifestyle which you have conformed to or adopted. If you want to feel good, make a decision to feel good. If you want to be successful, make a decision to be successful. 

Your day starts with you! 

– Jazzaloo. 


“The obstacle is small in comparison to who you are”

Never let the obstacle be bigger than you, it may look bigger than you, but you are the conductor of the obstacle. You can make it go in which ever direction you desire. Therefore take charge and take control!
Those who have a faith remember that he will give you the strength to do what it is that you need to do today. Those without, just remember that you are enough and to be that can-do person that you are. 
I leave you with this: In comparison to you, let the obstacle be small. Call the shots! Yes! 

Have a good day.

With love, 

Jazzaloo, x 

“Don’t doubt yourself, prepare yourself”

Be carful not to doubt yourself – you may miss out on things which are correct and which are just right for you. To build up your levels of trust from within yourself be well prepared for the task in front. Preparation will be profitable to you and will encourage an unravelling of your confidence upon its needed deliverance.

Ok, so what do I mean?
Take for example my bus ride the other morning. In the morning I ran from my house all the way to the bus stop, no break and running thin of breath. My one mission was to get to the bus stop and catch my scheduled bus. Upon arrival, I learned that I was about 2 minutes early but I didn’t prepare for the next part of the journey ahead. Instead I stood somewhat near the bus stop staring into thin air, as if asleep.

Furthermore, due to my unpreparedness, when I jumped onto my bus (for some reason very flustered), with a skim of a glance into my laptop bag I was unable to locate my purse. This came as a shock and resulted in me having to departure from the bus. Meanwhile, in realisation of the event which had occurred I become automatically and particularly frustrated with myself and started to slap my forehead.

However, note this, when I said ‘don’t worry (rejecting the bus journey)’ and started to back of the bus the driver said ‘are you sure?’. This was my opportunity to check my bag once more whilst on the bus, but instead I sunk myself in self doubt and missed it and said no it’s ok. It really didn’t feel ok.

Now, when I started to walk back home to retrieve my purse, in irritation I decided to double check my bag as I thought that I remembered packing my purse into my bag as I had pack my bag the night before.

This is the funny part (it really wasn’t funny), when doing this guess what, to my surprise my purse was in my bag. The very section which I looked in? Yes the very bag that I ‘skimmed a glance’ in. It was with me all along.
So what was it that I done wrong?

Mainly, I did not prepare for the next step of my journey whilst I was at a standstill, but mostly, self doubt, I didn’t believe myself and became quickly irate and embarrass. In conclusion, the situation resulted in me being out of place and playing catch up to reach my end destination on time.

Therefore, I leave you with this and close with what I started with –

‘Don’t doubt yourself and prepare yourself!’

Have a good day!!

“Smile with what today has given you”

Ditch the negative and be positive!
Ditch the negative and be positive!
Good day!

Hope you are actually having a good day, if not, let me encourage you to see the good in all of today. Even if you was faced with 100% challenges. Take learning and strength from each of those obstacles. Lets say for instance that your boss wasn’t very empathetic when you told your boss that you didn’t feel well today and that you wouldn’t be coming into work today, just be thankful that you are well enough to call your boss to tell them about your current situation, and that although you wasn’t shown empathy be happy with yourself for finding the courage to call in and explain your situation and having the opportunity to rest.

Key riches of the bad situation:
– You found courage
– You had enough strength to pick up your phone and to talk
– You have the opportunity to now rest
Isn’t that just awesome. See the colour in the grey!
Have a good day,

With love, Jazzaloo x